Compared to other protein sources, Protein Serum is the “heavy hitter!”

Many nutritional supplement companies say their protein products are better than the competition but their claims don’t add up. Contrary to other protein products, the claims Protein Serum’s “high molecular-weight” Immunoglobulin G guarantees are science based and have been shown again and again in study to be the breakthrough in protein technology no other protein source can lay claim to. In fact, the benefits of high molecular weight Immunoglobulin G protein appear to be pharmaceutical in nature. High molecular weight Immunoglobulin G protein provides significant benefits to your heart, muscles, immune system, body composition and body chemistry. Simply put, anyone who can afford high molecular weight protein should buy it.

“High-molecular weight protein” refers to the weight of the protein molecule. Generally, the higher the molecular weight, the greater the complexity of the protein and the slower the protein digests. The Immunoglobulin G protein (IgG) found in Protein Serum is over fifteen times stronger than whey protein isolate, offering the highest level of strength and molecular weight of any protein source ever developed.

IgG provides untold health benefits stemming from its ability to digest more slowly than other protein sources that contain smaller protein molecules. Slower digestion allows the amino acids to stay in the bloodstream for a longer period of time and reduces the body’s need to break down lean muscle tissue for physiological processes. The key advantage of IgG is its bioactivity. Research has shown that the consumption of the Immunoglobulin G protein (IgG) found in Protein Serum supports lean body mass (Jiang, R. et al., 2002). Immunoglobulin G protein supports lean body mass by supporting immune system function through the reduction of inflammation caused by age, illness, diet or exercise.

Protein Source Protein Type Molecular Weight
Protein Serum Immunoglobulin G (IgG) (160,000)
Egg Egg Albumin (45,000)
Milk Protein Isolate Beta Casein (24,000)
Milk Protein Concentrate Alphas1 Casein (23,000)
Whey Protein Isolate Beta Lactoglobulin (18,300)
Whey Protein Concentrate Alpha Lactalbumen (14,200)