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Customer Testimonials

"Body Genie's Protein Serum has literally changed my life. Not only have I lost over 70 LBS while taking Protein Serum, I personally found that after just a few days of drinking the shakes I would wake up in the morning feeling better than I have in years, I can actually feel myself getting stronger everyday and my energy level and overall sense of well-being is through the roof. The amazing benefits of Protein Serum are well documented. I highly recommend Protein Serum. Try it yourself today! It is the absolute best supplement I have ever taken."

-Barry M., 42 ♦ Henderson, NV
Verified Buyer

"I came across Body Genie simply by meeting the CEO. I listened to his encouragement and his own personal success with the product that I felt," What the hell, I have nothing to lose so why not try it." I ordered a container of Body Genie and began to make it part of my morning regime. I must tell you that I am a retired Colonel and have just turned 61 years of age. I have a history of increased fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and restless leg syndrome. I am good at abusing my body. Surprisingly, in a short couple of weeks, I noticed I was less fatigued and had more energy that I thought I would not see again because of my particular aging process. I have begun to exercise, my restless leg syndrome has decreased and my lab work was in the normal range during my latest physical. I can not say that Body Genie was responsible for the significant changes but readily admit that Body Genie in combination with moderate exercise, and watching my diet has enabled me to view these Golden years as really being Golden. I say thanks for pointing me in the right direction with my health. I am a believer in Body Genie."

-Carl B., RN, MSN, 59 ♦ Cashton, WI
Associate Professor, Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI
Verified Buyer

"As a drug-free athlete, my nutrition is of the utmost importance to me and for that reason I'm now using Protein Serum. I have been using Protein Serum for several months and I've noticed that compared to whey protein, my body's ability to recover from strenuous workouts has increased dramatically and my sleep is much more restful. Those two factors alone are important enough in my opinion for anyone to choose Protein Serum over other protein drinks. Add to those two reasons the fact that Protein Serum contains more growth factors and thereby offers more overall health benefits than any other product on the market and you'll quickly see why Protein Serum should be a part of any well-balanced diet."

-Ken W., 37 ♦ Delaware, OH
Drug-Free Bench Press World Record Holder/4-time Bench Press World Champion
Verified Buyer

"I have been taking Protein Serum for 8 month and being 48 years old this product has helped me recover from my rigorous wrestling and workout schedule. My immune system and cholesterol improved greatly from taking Protein Serum. I no longer get colds or the flu and my cholesterol dropped 20 points from my last checkup."

-Warren H., 48 ♦ Peshtigo, WI
15x State Wrestling Champion/1x National Champion
Verified Buyer

"Body Genie's Protein Serum has been a staple in my nutrition plan since 2006. The benefits of this product are unparallel to any other protein product that I have encountered. My lifestyle requires frequent travel in addition to the rigorous mixed martial arts training I do four days a week. Rest and nutrition are the keys to my recovery. Without a doubt, this serum protein has helped me recover more rapidly and allows me to continue to have full, energetic, and focused days and workouts week after week."

-Todd O., 27 ♦ Eau Claire, WI
Verified Buyer

"I'm a 45 year old senior martial arts instructor living in New York City. I have always welcomed natural food and believe in true sport. After having tried 6 well known protein brands to enhance my muscle structure, with poor results I was directed to Body Genie Protein Serum by professional practitioners. I love the chocolate taste and had witnessed in the very first month of taking Body Genie Protein Serum, a great change in my body performance. It is now 1 year that I'm on the product and there is no other product out there that can compete against this one. I have gained enormous power and have maintained my muscles flexibility and speed, which is important for my profession. If you also believe in true pure products, don't waste your time with other proteins on the market - there is no comparison."

-Armando B., 45 ♦ New York, NY
Sr. Martial Arts Instructor
Verified Buyer

"I have been supplementing with Body Genie Protein Serum for the majority of the past eleven months. I have been a connoisseur of many protein powders over my career in health & fitness, and hands down Body Genie has thee best taste. This is now the foundational building block of any of my supplement routines. Not only am I keeping muscle while staying lean, but I'm still continuing to add on to my already muscular frame. This is light years above any protein "powder" on the market. Get a 2020 body in NOW!!"

-Nick C., 26 ♦ Phoenix, AZ
Verified Buyer

"I have been using Body Genie Protein Serum for 9 months now and I am very pleased. It was referred to me by a friend of mine that is 88 years old and since I am now 75 and travel a lot, I thought I'd better take his advice and give it a try. I have not had a cold or the flu since I started taking it, and I enjoy the taste very much. I start every day with it. I will be re-ordering soon and would refer it to anybody."

-Bill M., 75 ♦ Boulder City, NV
Verified Buyer

"I just want to thank you for having a product like Protein Serum. My husband and I have been taking it for over a year now. He started taking Protein Serum before I did so he could try to relieve the pain in his knees. He noticed very soon after that his knees were feeling better than they had in a long time. When I saw what a difference it was making for him, I decided to give it a try. I had achiness in my joints and muscles, mainly my hands and back. I also quickly noticed what a difference it made and I've felt that way ever since. I just can't believe what this product has done for us both. I must say, it really wasn't that difficult considering the flavor. It tastes just like a chocolate shake and who would turn down a chocolate shake? Not us, that's for sure. My husband is 71 and I am 67, and it's just wonderful to feel so rejuvenated in our senior years. We appreciate what you've done for us very much. We plan to keep ordering Protein Serum and will recommend it to our friends. Thanks again."

-Nancy and Jim A., 67 and 71 ♦ La Crosse, WI
Verified Buyer

"My husband and I started using Body Genie Chocolate Protein Serum regularly in August of 2007. He has tried using other protein powders before but he said he feels Protein Serum doing a lot more than the others he tried and I also feel it works really well. He thinks it tastes better than he remembers protein shakes ever tasting and I'm just happy it tastes like chocolate ice cream. Having a shake for breakfast has been a quick and easy way to keep me satisfied and not hungry between meals. I work in a school and sometimes don't get a chance to eat lunch until 1 p.m. He travels a lot and has to eat on the go, so Protein Serum has been a healthy snack for him to have in place of fast food. It was our goal to find something that would satisfy us between meals and help us achieve our weight loss goals, and this product has done the trick."

-Mary and Mark S., 45 and 46 ♦ Louisville, KY
Verified Buyer

"I bought my husband Protein Serum in April of 2005 to help with his weight training. He said he wanted to lose body fat but didn't want to lose muscle in the process, and what I saw on a bunch of websites made it sound like it might help. Over about the next four months, I saw him lose around thirty pound s of body fat but he actually got stronger in the process. He kept saying how surprised he was that he was still getting stronger and I kept telling him that I wasn't surprised because I could see it. It was obvious Protein Serum was working because it was the only thing he changed in his routine. He has told me several times to order it before he was even close to using up what we have because as he kept saying, "I've been lifting weights for seven years and I've never felt this good!" He's told everyone he knows that Protein Serum is the best supplement for getting leaner and building muscle if you weight train or getting leaner and maintaining muscle if you don't. After I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2006, he suggested I try Protein Serum because of what he'd read about it being beneficial to the stomach and digestive system. After only six months of taking Protein Serum, my medication was cut in half and I still feel incredible! We both love the taste and have made it a regular part of our day. We don't even question whether or not to take it because of how noticeable a difference there is in the way we feel when we don't. Taking Protein Serum has been the most noticeable improvement either of us has ever experienced with our health and we would recommend it to anyone."

-Jen and Cory H., 28 and 29 ♦ Appleton, WI
Verified Buyer

"For what it's worth I think the protein powders on the market today are all the same and provide little or no benefit at all, but Protein Serum is different. The results I've gotten by combining Protein Serum and lifting weights have continued month after month for two years straight. I'm 5'7" and when I started using Protein Serum I weighed 126 pounds. Now I'm 185 pounds and still have a 30" waist, but a lot more muscle! There's no way I would've gotten these results without taking this product. Every body I know has gotten what they wanted and more out of this product, and it tastes the best. I'll always be sold on this product and for me that's a first. Keep making the stuff, it works! Thanks!"

-Troy B., 19 ♦ Eau Claire, WI
Verified Buyer

"First and foremost, let me tell you that I have taken just about every protein shake to hit the market in the past twenty-five years and have never experienced anything like Body Genie's Protein Serum! I have been lifting weights since I was in high school and know when something works and when it doesn't. After trying so many products over the years that don't work the way they say they will, these days I'll take the time to do a little research whenever I come across something new to see if there's any reason why I should buy it other than that the company that makes it says I should. I had never heard of protein taken from cow plasma before, or a supplement that was just isolated IGF-1 and immunoglobulin. With those reasons in mind and all the studies I saw on the Body Genie website I thought I would give it a try. I thought there was a strong chance I would get good results taking the product but I never expected it to work this well! The first thing I noticed was how it made me feel and then I began seeing results from how it made me feel. Over the course of the past year and a half, I have continued to maintain a significant loss of body fat that I am pretty sure was caused by having more energy from an increase in my metabolism. I don't need as much sleep as I used to because I achieve a deeper more restful sleep every night. The taste is phenomenal and the product blends up quickly and consistently into a smooth, clean shake that satisfies my crazy appetite. By watching my diet I was able to mix Protein Serum with a few ice cubes, two cups of skim milk, a half cup of ice cream and a half of a banana or half cup of frozen mixed fruit and still lose body fat. I really think Protein Serum is not just the best protein shake, but the best nutritional supplement and overall health product I have ever tried. The results I was getting with one scoop were great but I wanted to see if taking more would be even better. While most people probably don't need to take as much as I do, I get the best results taking two scoops twice a day. As with all products, I was willing to give it time to feel or see any results but with Protein Serum I could feel it working almost immediately and began noticing physical changes within a few weeks. I think anyone taking Protein Serum would begin to see serious results within as little as 30 days. Do yourself a favor and take Protein Serum for 3 months and I know you will feel better whether you go to the gym or not. My day to day life feels better than it ever has before. Thanks much!"

-Stephen G., 42 ♦ Las Vegas, NV
Verified Buyer

"I just wanted to thank you for carrying a product like Protein Serum. I first heard about this ‘health break-through protein supplement' from a friend of mine in 2006 and from what he told me about it I had to give it a try. Just like he said it would, it tastes great and has worked extremely well for helping me build lean muscle and burn body fat. It has helped me reach my goals of getting in better shape better than any other product I've tried. I will definitely keep taking Protein Serum and can't wait to see how far I can go with it."

-Jeff R., 25 ♦ La Crosse, WI
Verified Buyer

"It's nice to see a company with products that actually do what they say they can do! I began taking Body Genie's Protein Serum in February of 2007 but I could really tell a difference in about two weeks of when I started because of how fast I was recovering from workouts. Protein Serum is by far the strongest protein I have ever taken. The results have been amazing with recovering faster from working out, gaining lean muscle and boosting my immune system. I enjoy the taste but am looking forward to trying other flavors when they come out."

-Rodney H., 30 ♦ New York, NY
Verified Buyer

"I have been taking Protein Serum for around five months and I am really impressed so far. I like that this product has so many benefits whether you take it day or night and that you can keep on taking it without going broke or getting sick of the taste. I am lactose intolerant and I really like that Protein Serum is not a dairy product and has no lactose because I don't get bloated or have stomach pain like I did taking whey protein. After I started taking this product, I noticed right away that my muscles felt stronger and that I actually was stronger during my workouts. I have not gotten sick either since I started taking Protein Serum. I recommended this product to several of my friends and will continue to do so."

-Michael P., 28 ♦ New York, NY
Verified Buyer

"I have taken Protein Serum for eight months and like that it is easy to digest and can give benefit in the morning or after workout or before bed. I have gotten much stronger taking Protein Serum and don't mind the taste even after all this time of taking two or three scoops per day depending on whether I work out or not. My muscles have gotten bigger and stronger because I feel much more recovered even though I am lifting more often and lifting more weight when I do. I keep pushing myself harder and harder every single time I go to the gym where before I would have days where I lifted light weights and only certain days I would lift heavier because I was often too sore. Me and the guys I lift weights with religiously take this product and have not bought any other protein supplement since we started. We don't want to tell anyone else about this product because we don't want them to be as strong as us. We hope you understand."

-Gary L., 44 ♦ New York, NY
Verified Buyer

"When I first read about Body Genie's Protein Serum I was intrigued by its uniqueness so I decided to try it. I've been using it now for well over a year and don't plan to stop any time soon. When I started taking Protein Serum I decided I would cycle on and off of it as I do with every nutritional supplement I take but the old saying that too much of anything isn't a good thing just doesn't apply with this stuff. I truly think that in the case of Protein Serum more could be better. Right away after I'd first started taking it I stopped cycling on and off and decided to take it all the time. Not long after that I decided to try taking more than just the recommended one scoop at breakfast. I've been taking a scoop two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and the results are lets just say noticeable. My whole body feels stronger and healthier. I feel like I've got more energy and less joint pain despite running more often and lifting heavier weights. The really cool thing is that Protein Serum continues to provide me with noticeable benefits no matter how long I continue to take it unlike all the other supplements I have tried that either provide no benefit at all or that only seem to work for a while because your body gets used to them and needs more and more of the product to achieve the same results or just maintain the results you have already gotten. This product is EXCELLENT and I would recommend that everyone give it a try."

-Joe S., 39 ♦ La Crosse, WI
Verified Buyer

"I started using Protein Serum because I was just not feeling as good as I wanted to feel. I had recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the pain in my shoulders and arms was more than I could handle without medication. Within a couple of days I began to notice that my arms and shoulders were less painful and that I could actually stop using the powerful pain meds prescribed for me. I had more flexibility and literally no pain in my shoulders within a week. The chocolate flavor made the serum easy to take and when blended with milk tasted much better than I expected. I will continue to use Protein Serum because simply put, it just plain works."

-Joe C., 45 ♦ La Crosse, WI
Verified Buyer

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